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To TEDA International School 天 津泰达国际学校                                                       August 16, 2013

Attn. Principal/Headmaster Joseph Azmeh



 I am reporting new qualification and further substantiation for position within due documentation. I feel that I now can substitute much better as a computer teacher. I have personally met one of your former computer teachers and so understand this area to have contributed to your success. I am submitting typical programmed examples in support of this claim(1). Because you previously have stated you will keep my records on file, I wish to emphasize my preferred teaching role as English teacher and refer to the English teaching certificate that was obtained in a dialog with a subset of your employees past and present(2). I have apparently also missed your school's contact attempt as documentation evinces(3). I have posted a copy of this application online(4) for future reference. Your TEDA International School representative was as I understand present as audio recorded(5) at a Tanggu police station when and where I began on visa D7705286 (as photographed(6)), reporting hitherto not returned but lent funds for the metrics of asset recovery, and so specifically 99450 RMB. The continuation of this reporting was anticipated as expressed by the police interpreter/translator in a video recording segment(7). The police statement qualifying her as police translator-interpreter can be heard in a further video segment made available(8). The extent of the expected material was, likewise, expressed(9) I did not have the material collated at the time. Now I do and wish to follow up(10). Additionally, for your future representations, I firmly declare my acceptance as incumbent teacher at your school to carry on my fiscal discipline, for continuity purposes, at the Tianjin Guangdong Road tax office as exemplified here by tax receipts(11). One more physical representation of your personnel, at a local TEDA police station documented per audio recording(12) relates whereabouts of my mother Elizabeth Golmohammadi born Bevan. As a further indicator of which police station it was, I had previously been there to report my gasoline/petrol naive motorcycle as missing using the chassis/frame identity number as photographed.(13) Again, my material was not collated, but now it is in better shape. Consequently, I wish to follow up. Your representative at the police station was not given most of these facts as they were then not all readily available, though your school representative Mr. Joseph Azmeh (Headmaster, secondary principal) was given some information as referenced at the police station in answer to a direct question by a police officer and so audio recorded(14). In pursuit of continuation, material can be made available from my side(15).

Some aspects of this may perhaps be misunderstandings in relation to your employee Mr. Olinga Mazlum and his wife Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi (my sister and only sibling, who is also your former employee), and their sources of information. Mr. Olinga Mazlum says Mrs. Mehri Afsahi (my paternal aunt: Ameh in Persian per the recording) warns that I need to eat medicine for the rest of my entire life(16) and proceeds within this conversation to include that I cannot speak directly to my mother, unless I am being treated with medication for psychiatric purposes(17). In this recorded capacity, he is not able or willing to provide a professional definition(18) of ailment or medication. Mrs. Mehri Afsahi, while in Sweden, conceded just a few days later over the phone that she had not said this as far as she could remember. She had only said she could assist me to get to the doctor if this should be necessary, and that it was solely based on Mr. Olinga Mazlums's/Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi's description from China. Mr. Olinga Mazlum's and Mrs. Mehri Afsahi's statements. when taken together, do not cohere, and at least one must apparently be misleading. There was no reason as judged from my behavior according to Mehri's affirmation, that she should have said I needed medication, let alone medication for the rest of my life(19) for this imputed illness or its suggested etiology. To minimize perceptual uncertainty a photo of Mrs. Mehri Afsahi is available showing her (right) and the then US Secretary of State (left)(20). Another instance of claimed mental illness was ascribed to me by its perceived symptoms, namely praying to an extent perceived to be undue, here in my sister's voice(21). Furthermore, my cousin Mr. Aram Afsahi perceives, of my understanding in turn, of the US state department's ”caring” about an individual American in a family conflict, as emphatically pathological and symptomatic of psychiatric illness as recorded(22) (albeit in Swedish). Mr Aram Afsahi's mother Mrs. Mehri Afsahi appears to share the notion that there was or is a family conflict(23).

I am, however, ignorant of the ICD 10 diagnostic codes and the like for such pathology, particularly given my rights to even actively influence such caring, especially given the politically bipartisan structuring of its localizations at the time and my/my mothers religious rights to pray in private for and within such convergence issues. My mother did not wish to remain there and said that she wanted to move back to Sweden. She likened her situation repeatedly with prison
and asked if I would accompany her back to Sweden, to live there, but emphasized her wish to leave for Sweden, even if I should choose not to live there. She raised the issue of me facilitating this change but also stated that she did not want to get me in trouble with my sister. Corresponding and substantiating audio recordings are summarized by title in the end notes(24), (25), (26), (27), (28), (29), (30) for her voice to be heard as they record her attempt to circumvent a behavior which detained and threatened to continue to detain her, with impunity unless you may have contradicting information, at least until her inferred demise on March 22, 2013. My sister Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi and her husband Mr. Olinga Mazlum had previously hidden my mother's travel documents from the time my sister said I was mentally ill as I began to act for compliance on my own behalf as well as on my mother's behalf within the constraints of the then valid Swedish-American tax treaty. My sister specifically said this action was pathological although her ascription of mental deficiency to the passer by preceded this event by over two years. It took a long time to confirm this withholding of travel documents in a clear context in audio recording though it is now available(31), (32), (33). Outwardly I and my mother shared flats (in Taifung garden), in accordance with the terms agreed with my sister and mother prior to arrival in Tianjin 2004, although I on occasion slept at the campuses where I taught. How that situation could be maintained, under the aegis of any command responsibility, was harder to explain at the time, given such a clearly stated and enacted interpretation by Mr. Olinga Mazlum that in China, the law is oral, not written(34) without audio and film recorded and collated to transmit in substantiation. This situation made it exceedingly hard to follow up on the money lent and the motorcycle.

I have been encouraged to apply to your school at the very least from 2003 and had the first job interview, over the telephone initially when I lived in Uppsala spring 2004, with your representative Mr. Andrew Watts, who was physically in TEDA. On that occasion I learned about the employment package from his attribution. This was my first actual step from tertiary to secondary socialization with unrelated persons in China! Later I had a meeting in Beijing with Andrew Watts in his tax consulting expert capacity as set up by my sister while she was temporarily in Uppsala. I have been applying to your school ever since. In 2010, on the one hand, I was encourage to submit(35) my resume to Headmaster/Principal Josef Azmeh and on the other hand, told that for obtaining employment there I must not go by the principles as audio recorded(36). I have been told by Mr. Olinga Mazlum that he by himself can evaluate my mental or psychological condition and capacity(37) and doing this, he found it suitable to see me as a child(38). He has also stated that my application solely to TEDA International School is psychologically faulty(39). He has furthermore suggested that my audio recording should be erased because of unreliable statements made on it(40). He has understood me to have had a lengthy psychiatric/psychological problem stemming from or manifested by the time he judged it to have taken me to log on to a computer (with boot managers) and he has also found me to have had longstanding pathological body language(41) by his understanding. It is true that I have exemplified differences in body language accompanying greetings and the like as normally displayed in the United States vs. those common to the United Kingdom while teaching English at Tianjin Ligong University 天津理工大学 (photos(42)), and also on some occasions, while teaching at Tianjin Medical University 天津医科大学(43). Subsequently, I have understood both Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi in Tianjin, and my cousin Mr. Aram Afsahi in Uppsala, to have reported their understanding of psychiatrical pathology imputed to my person, to a psychiatric department in Uppsala, culminating in a visit (within reference to superior principal responsibility) by their mobile team to Stigbergsv. 11 on the evening Dec 17, 2010. This visit resulted in a report partially now public and online in which I was found not to have been able to relay how I felt(44). My audio recording shows that I stated I felt well under the circumstances(45) “under omständigheterna så mår jag bra”. In addition, it contains the aforementioned position that my understanding of the US State Department is a symptom of psychiatric pathology. My cousin Mr. Aram Afsahi states that I am suspicious almost to the extent of paranoia though almost is hard to critique for its nominality. There may be information missing, which could clarify the situation. According to my audio recording, Mr. Aram Afsahi relates an economic constraint for psychiatric treatment in China, treatment without which I am expected to plausibly land in jail as he appears to attribute this conclusion to the Chinese police per this recording(46). Additionally, sickly suspicion has been attributed to my person by Mr. Olinga Mazlum. This might be relevant for the treatment of my job application in a so called ”freedom-to-compete” dimension.

I am further to this issue a bit cautious as to why my sister and brother-in-law have been unwilling to submit into my possession the apology from the local government administration, issued within the mission scope of its name, to me for my initial employment as presented on paper by my sister but retained for suggested safekeeping purposes. One documented oral reference to this material by my sister is publicly available(47). I was also uneasy about my mother's liberty to talk freely with me on the phone as she appears in a phone recording to be told what to say, and she then responds that she cannot lie(48). The subsequent declaration as per the above, that I may not speak to my mother without medication was a bit enervating given its apparently erroneous stated foundation, especially since no revocation of this required counter performance was ever issued prior to her inferred demise approximately two years and four months later. The lalala singing, in response to my request to take my mother to the doctor in Sweden, I found baffling in its intent(49) and thought provoking given her suggested demise. The denial of my mothers requested primogeniture rights on your territories I found most circumspect. You have as I understand an actual native primogeniture 長子繼承制 belief which in many traditions and in the book of religion is, so to speak, hard to let go of; In local common language: 爱不释手. If any of these sentiments would, according to your governing principles, require rehabilitation for competitive employment at your school, such information would be appraised.

When informed by Mr. Olinga Mazlum that one Mr. Gun, stated to be a vice police chief, (50), (51), (52) was to have said that I may not meet my mother alone, I, in my due diligence to this statement, and in the attempt to prevent abuse of her rights, was unable to have this confirmed at the local TEDA police office (one where your employee so gracefully offered his interpretation skills)(53).  I so to speak replied with audio recordings on CD-Rom(54) of my mother declining to lie and of the statements about this alleged Mr. Gun. Though at the time some confusion prevailed among the police of what the PSB was(55) and the like, in my multiple approaches(56) in both English and Chinese, over several days and submitting in total three CDs, no one could say for certain that there even was a Mr. Gun, although one officer believed from my search(57) that it was reasonable, and we put in a significant effort to get the tone of the name right(58). Accordingly I hope that my mother was not taken hostage under the aegis of a local de-facto command to the involved entities' zealous efforts to DO THE RIGHT THING AT THE RIGHT TIME and suggest per happenstance you provide a simpler explanation. Given several of your employees' previous physical proximity(59) to my mother you should have had ample opportunity to inquire. To me this is a bit disconcerting, particularly because Mr. Olinga Mazlum also says that I experience ghosts(60) though perceptually I never have done this. I have been asked at the police station (one on TEDA 6th ave, di liu dajie) if I hear voices, I fear in consequence of the above and of my sisters position, and have answered that I do not. I do explain that the conscience often is idiomatically described as a voice in my culture(s)(61) as this may then have come to be useful in any process of maintaining or reclaiming the freedom of conscience as was at the time relevant for my mother as well.

I am not convinced that your interpreter-employee was still in the room for this. I do not feel that rejection of such inferences of ghosts is pathological in Sweden or in the United States of America and welcome any polite way of doing so in your culture. Unfortunately I must admit bewilderment when apparent proxies and employee(s)(62) of Mr. Olinga Mazlum/Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi appeared, and, in their ultimate conclusion asked me to write a statement on paper for my mother saying that I was healthy (63), (64)! The spoken incitement for this was that my mother cried every day because she missed me(65), ( 66) thus contained in her state of pain and her vulnerable situation of apparent servitude and situations apparently indistinguishable from or similar to servitude while in her occasional accompanied transnational border transitions, particularly in relation to set standards and effective implementation of legal, regulatory and operational measures for combating illicit transfer of (also her) owned good faith monetary units (fiat currency), goods and chattels within aligned national and international economic policies for eliminating bottleneck effects in the stability of any such legitimate transfer to and from your territories.

In accordance, I adjugate to you in your emphatic efforts (such as you evinced when I did not have collated evidence), prior knowledge and recording based notifications: My brother-in-law's/sister's statements, within his/her prerogative, before my mother in TEDA, to my person, that 44 is a lucky number in China(67) while handing over a small red envelope marked Johnson and Johnson on it(68), that I found to be irregular. Is not 6/6/66 more reminiscent of a lucky number over there in TEDA? According to the United States Court of appeals for the First Circuit case No. 10-1838(69) (http://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/ca1/10-1838/10-1838p-01a-2011-10-03.pdf?13176804$67, Control-f 44 for quick reference) there is another understanding of this subject (and so in Tianjin, particularly concerning multiplicity of digits) “…..Rochem responded by rejecting this offer and making a counter-offer demanding that CQ pay Rochem $444,444.44 in order to settle the case and avoid Rochem's filing of a motion for sanctions and a suit for malicious prosecution. The district court noted, after being apprised of this matter by CQ, that the peculiar amount in Rochem's offer was due to the fact that the number four is considered an unlucky number in Chinese culture because it is homophonous with the Chinese word for death. The district court opined that, while Rochem's counter-offer was not a death threat, its attorneys had acted improperly.” Consequently: Attorneys' personal choice when otherwise acting under the appellation of a proxy or attorneyship affront CQ on behalf of Rochem. CQ is not a physical person like I am. My brother-in-law's and sister's utterances were directed to a physical person, who as such a person can be individually and materially subject to transformation. CQ, a company, was a legal personality, a legal person. I do not at present feel my concern to be pathological, particularly due to US entity (as well as persons engaged in such conduct as has/has had/ a direct, substantial, and reasonably foreseeable effect within this school as an economic activity, with gainful employment) obligations notably of the post-United States vs. Cruikshank paradigm. I do not know if Mr. Mazlum's or Mrs. Golmohammadi's behavior is pursuant to any legal, psychological or psychiatric advice they may have acquired to apply to a presumed pathologically suspicious person. The question so arises again if YOU feel that I should need rehabilitation, for this feeling, in order to commence work at your facility where my brother-in-law works?

I am also a bit wary of the approach to informing me of electric shock therapy being administered to your now former employee Mr. [name removed] as recorded, and appended here as an attachment(70). Such interest, that he or any one else in this sphere of interest is not subjected to this treatment solely on account of how they feel, should he or they state they are feeling well under the circumstances, as well as the governing governing principle of such administration, must reasonably lie within the public interest. Naturally this concern is influenced by my recorded experience (above) of such statements being omitted from reports stating the contrary. I would most fervently like to be put in contact with any International Labour Organization Convention C111 sovereign nation state signatory, acceding or ratifying capacity that you may de-facto recognize to be present as a power or office on your territories. I am most interested in eventually meeting at least the minimal capability for employment at your school and should seek their assistance in elucidating what that is and has been on a regular basis locally and in deference to subsidiarity. I should wonder if not at this time the value of this would figuratively be doubled by consolidated functioning of mutual solidarity and I would appreciate access to the de-facto command and process owner (its organised form or its tacit colluders as such may become apparent) within the systematics of its current succeeding embodiment, for further information of the stated prohibitions to meet, talk to, be alone with my mother, the existence and relevance of Mr. Gun and any ICD 10 codes or similar as applied to these recorded instances, be informed of the territorial integrity of the command chain (where it is and where it is not-border adjustments excluded), its territorial insignia and the proper form of OBEYSANCE that I might address it in the correct way. As such, and in view of our pillars of cooperation, I welcome any discerning safety and security counseling capacity (common, comprehensive, collective and human), capable and responsive to recognize my legal identity in this circumstance within its sphere of recognition of the global commons, and the territorial accountability mechanisms thereof, in lieu of clear minimal requirements for such participation in our global neighbourhood, from the area space on the map that its standard operating procedures emanate. Considering your representative presence on these occasions, you have had some interest in this, may it have been it out of courtesy alone. My pursuit is also in any inalienable (in local common language: 不可分割的) rights to obtain this disaggregated information, according to the internationally agreed covenants governing such rights and their equitable referencing as law within governance by statute and decree, for any territorial accountability which it encapsulates in terms of nominal territorial monitoring capacity and competent authority self-identification in physical form. I should need to search for, even if so searching for on a per capsulam basis, adequate proxies to the extent of a moderate response for this end lest any denigrating responsibility and accountability be ambiguously levied on the wrong entities.

I welcome, as usual, an opportunity to join your TEDA International School workforce as the circumtances permit, and feel that without the, as per the above, going to prison, without having travel documents hidden or withheld, without being isolated from people who wish to live with me and people who wish to be my friends, or even without receiving electric shock therapy, this could be more beneficial to both parties.


Roshan Golmohammadi, Ph.D.


Now here at roshanstedainternationalschooljobapplication.com

1NEW MATERIAL: Cake_calc.exe with cake_dll.DLL for use in a common folder. Example of putting in and retrieving values from the PC processor EAX, EBX and ECX registers for a clearer understanding of a computer program and what it typically does using a Windows 8 window. The included example “arithmetic_series” invokes the math coprocessor from the executable Series.exe as called from the Series.bat script (in their common folder) and so sends output (the computed arithmetic series) in Windows 8 console mode to a text file. The folders are zipped and do not contain any computer viruses. They are however very short and may be picked out by anti-virus software for being very short executables. Their two folders are zipped and attached.

2ESLcert.pdf (attachment)


10 This money had been lent for the purposes of working (interest free – for initially one month) in an “Icefire” restaurant in the city of Haikou, Hainan island, as in photos Img0159.jpg, Img0160.jpg, Img0258.jpg and Img0260.jpg. My visiting presence is seen at this restaurant in Img0165.jpg. Signs of the transfer of this money can be seen in photos of my bank book and receipt in 20120815365.jpg, 20120815364.jpg och 20120815356.jpg of which the latter shows the figure RMB 99450.









15 As UPS did not deliver to your area at all, I tried previously to use DHL courier service to reach the Public Security Bureau (PSB) centrally in Beijing for any such state sponsored activity. DHL apparently could not process their accurate (exact) postal code whereupon I tried one nearby according to the receipt in this photo:


This material was returned to Sweden undelivered and the local tjpolice@yahoo.com.cn mailbox appeared to be full.

42Photos while conducting oral examination or test at Tianjin University of Technology, Hongqi south road campus: EXAMINATION1_P1000990.JPG, EXAMINATION2_P1000991.JPG (attached)

43TianjinMedicalUniversityStudents&I.JPG, Photo showing some bodylanguage with Tianjin Medical Univ. Students, some of which were my students, though US and UK bodylanguage typified in classs was for more senior students as far as I can remember.

45101218WellUnderTheCircumstances.mp3 (101218 is retained from the recorder running local time Tianjin)





(.. as well as in their affiliation with apparent proxies referenced though endnotes 62 to 66)

This is also important for any erga omnes/普遍性rights to information of my mother's whereabouts.

69 10-1838P-01A.pdf (Attached)

70 ATTACHED PLEASE FIND: Z000588TIS_EmployeeElectricShockTherapy.mp3.

The online version has been spliced further to avoid publishing his name in this way at this time.