To TEDA International School 天津泰达国际学校

Attn. Headmaster Andrew Frezludeen (Former Principal/Headmaster Joseph Azmeh ) 

Secondarily: TEDA International School Steering Committee

其次: 天津泰达国际学校 - 指导委员会

December 3, 2014

2014年 12月 3号

(卢山老师 - 职位申请)

Application for position as teacher pursuant to your stated capacity and intent to keep the specifics of previously submitted material on file. A broadening of my previous offer to teach at your school to a package offer.

I now additionally offer to teach sixth grade, pupils who are still in their formative age when change is more easily accomplished before approaching the age of legal responsibility. As they are developing their own learning strategiesI offer to helpthem endure in their time of increasing social awareness and support them in experimental testing for their formal operational stage of pupil development despite the apparent findings that many people never achieve formal thinking fully or consistently1.I am offering to aid you in promoting that formal logic skill to a sense of competence and mastery, to enable pupils a working ability to see with their own eyes in a manner amenable to societal discourse and aid them to know from their own knowledge as they convey it, based on their own formally correct testing and probing, within their secondary and tertiary socialization, enabling tools to identify the foundations for: Ethics of an intent for “law and order” leading them via the stage of ”social contract”,to an understanding of and belief in “universal principles” summarily referenced in some accordance with the ideas of Lawrence Kohlberg, and with a view of the opportunity of your K-12 promoted goals including “world citizen” identity; i.e. tools functional to anyone who uses them as an expanded basis for their identity and tools that when used will perform service for everyone, even when used with the notion of a succeeding command chain integrity, e.g. authoritative hierarchy of competent command functionality, and self identified covenanting command chain responsibility. The detailed concept of world citizenship identification in education, in perspective of national loyalty as regards the pupils' internalization of rules of conduct as well as of consolidated functioning of mutual solidarity, I presently understand to be available2.

Attribute recognition skills and survival

I am willing to further enable your efforts to impart knowledge of something from its attributes, its distinguishing set of attributes by adducing in an engaging fashion based on your present day international school circumstances. Your pupils will most readily understand a situation such as this: I am told for instance (A) that I am mentally ill and (B) that my symptom is praying. Consequential to this, my social position would be safer if the attribute (B) always were to follow (A) lest the news of my mental deficit might spread in a transverse and an escalating fashion like some form of meme. Say, against the backdrop of a social expectation of some protection of rights, to pray in private, enshrined somewhere. Stripped of its attribute (B), it would not be the same thing. Having experienced such an event in TIS local environment and fortunate to also retain it in recorded audio3, I have the fundamentals of what the pupils need to grasp, close at hand. I should add that more should be unfurled at the appropriate ex post factorestricted event. Offering also to support your school in the mitigation of the pupils' safety and security deficit needs and hygiene factors, I am willing to contribute to their mental awareness of, to impart into their latent gems as per your advertisements, the fact that oppression, in its many varieties, is likely to become one of the biggest socially inclusive obstacles to their prosperity. Within the history of your quest for excellence it has been stated: ”TEDA International School (TIS) was established in 1995 by the governing body of the Tianjin Economic Development Area to provide world-class education for children residing in the Tianjin / TEDA region.4The ontology referenced therein is corroborated for the approximate time period of my applications by audio recording referenced as5. Let me contribute to this world-class.

Parsimony – skill usage & the conceptual vs. the manifested for the sixth grade

Back in 2011, in the USA, it was once concluded: “Mental illness is now the leading cause of disability in children”6and we the people have been left wanting as well as wanting to assert the need to strengthen cognitive capabilities, as tools to identify defacto command chain iatrogenic components in the pursuit ofminimizing vicarious abuse and liability byputting to use the powerof intellectual investigation and research; Increasing school child health in the mind, in the classroom, …. on the balance sheet. Now lets look at it from a very different angle: My broadened offer to you.The offer from me to your contractual and signatory capacity within its succeeding de facto command chain position (that is correct, right?). It is directed to the organized form of your command chain (also correct, pray tell?). In addition, it is however, most certainly directed to the territorial insignia of your de facto command chain, like all my previous applications. It is further to this issue directed to any succeeding de facto signatory capacity in your territory whose governing principles govern behavior by signature, recognizing such to be within the scope of their mission and name in accord with the exigencies of the time, in accord with these exigencies as they may vary. It is still open to the arbitrator and the settler of disputes arising between peoples; and to be the exponent and guardian of that justice which is conducive to unity. Most ardently I should stress that it is still open to any local, de facto or de jure national, continental or global command embodiment comprising your TEDA-TIS territory leading on a trajectory of implemented intent to this unity of “world citizenship” identity, as they may make their intent and capacity manifest. I encourage you to identify such, without a trace of sedition, within the sponsored activities of the governance you recognize.

Socialization, its effective radius & not expecting out of character actions

Our interactions have already engendered and extended virtue: patience! At the age of eleven or twelve and in view of approaching legal maturity these interactions would cover almost a whole life time, a span over which empathy many times is rationalized to endure. These children need to be able to cope, need to see, not to shy away, not be discouraged and at the same time need to maintain their humanity. Their dignity. Forgiving English grammar and semantics. Torturing the semiotics of contemporary enunciation into prolixity in a way they won't walk with perhaps, but still also wondering about the mechanics of what they do leave with, pondering on what they take with themselves. Not its inner essence. Was the tabula rasa inscribed with a pen, jpeg files, a covenant, or something else. Was it inscribed with world citizenship identity? And was it normally distributed? Is that a usual component which is usually distributed by their course? Their purpose... What is the sign of it? By what sign can I know it? By what sign should I know it?

I do now know a specific qualification, my experiences, my comparative matchbox, ruler or yardstick, and am so able to render some protective guidance for (TIAJIN-)TEDA International School's sixth grade pupils, here exemplified with an example incumbent upon you to already be aware of. I shall only point out the main sources of particular utility to school children in the sixth grade and vivify this use in the social context of my now broadened offering.


While seeing one coed and seeing one present parent as well as seeing one by documentation legal and legitimate member of several other societies outside of your continent, who is pleading to leave your TIANJIN-TEDA environment, struggling for severance from the immediate circumstances and ultimately pleading by willfully stated, willfully issued proxy (bear with me just a split moment on the sequential , the temporal corollary, as you perhaps don't have every detail of our previous communication fresh in mind) requesting the return of her travel documents that were issued outside of your continentin order to leave the situation and the territory or ever, for indefinitetime in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights_Article 12:2 (and 51)Everyone shall be free to leave any country...”.

This Faberge egg of “teaching by example” based on own concomitant learning and personal understanding, quietly working in or midst, and this padparacha of satyaagraha-like tolerant endurance on the roads that probably only foothills and narrow passages to the loftier of worldly relevant knowledge of parental responsibility permit, and this hitherto independently experienced professorial diamond of, and, proven record holder in, conscientious and tactful loving self sacrifice on the enlightened high wire of pioneering minority education, my mother, is outwardly and openly met with denial. Treated contrary to her stated will, she is unmistakably denied. Consequently it is incumbent on me to follow, in her scholastic extrication, the very teaching material that she has sacrificed her comfort for to prepare for for us, hand them quite literally down to our sixth grade pupils, in contribution to our common legacy as a basis for further action. I reserve the temporary right to withhold some underlying documented material prima facie evidence as the local circumstances may infer at the discretion of my own conscience: It is mainly from TIANJIN-TEDA geographical coordinates. As one now should expect from me and perhaps also a bit from you: manifesting more of the corollary. In response to these events and for its formal completion and rectification required protocol, I ask you to conscientiously bring to mind that which has formerly been sent to you in my applications, in addition to those herein collated files you should know properly for your agency of change.

When not prepared to hand over my mothers travel documents or even her us passport, he purported not to recognize written law and as regards some circumstances, and requested some form of written capacity statement, and claimed that such was specific for US circumstances. He claimed a void for what he interpreted or understood as Chinese circumstances7.

My mother varied between finding her situation as like being in jail and worse than being in jail, my understanding is that she wanted out of it and found it hard to cope. Various recorded statements have been included8 in support for this and I find this documentation skill to be very useful for you sixth grade pupils both to learn about and understand some of the burden of proof relating to it. This one of my experiences that I feel highlights my capacities in relation to your sixth grade pupils, on offer for, presumably, the last time, the final call. In the future I expect to focús more on your succeeding defacto command chain instead.

I find this important in view of the electric shock therapy allegedly performed with some systematic recurrence on your former teacher available at my website according to a former job application and available at my web site. This should explain the harsh circumstances which she met. Who would heed her request in these circumstances? Being prevented to meet with her and conveying both audio recordings as well as my personal suggestion at what appeared to be a police station on the sixth street in TEDA where passport would normally bee checked and residence registered (find more at the website), I was prevented from meeting my mother in real life again beginning as it was with physical obstruction in defiance of the agreement concluded between me, my mother and my sister prior to the collective departure of my mother and myself for Tianjin. Never, as I said, to see her alive again, on any territory underwriting the use of the institutions of family reunion and subsequent to my information to you with your gemstone tenet, your transparency, luster, brilliance of the trace we leave by stone, pound, ounce and carat in the social lattice,reminded by that coed, parent, wayfarer teacher and example, and from my most subjective position and view obviously also a light diffracting, becoming, beacon to follow, to emulate as best as I can. Undaunted by the vicissitude of fortune, obstructing they may have been, she asserted by her presence, however formally transient and spiritually detached from its worldly identifying p as one may now find them to formally have been withheld. not worrying about identifying identification paper as this was formally withheld, she participated in books and courses but her physical presence was apparently appreciated on the all to rare occasion that it could be transiently arranged without interference. Still spreading fragrances to the other side of the wall and the ocean's rim, survived by the troops of time tested and sincere tender, kindred of native loyal valor within the perimeters of that stone clad garden of spiritual transience in its most worldly ramifications of anecdotal guidance and somber soul guarded words, becoming informed, with the foundation all heavenly aspects by the grace of and understanding of the attributes of our Father, and by the lenience beseeched from him for our forefathers as it no doubt also is uninterruptedly vouchsafed.

If this does not make any sense to you, think of it this way, as an internal standard. An emptyexposition not containing information yet still a negative control. Because I wish to point out, to emphasize, that my offer to your sixth grade pupils also includes the use of positive and negative controls in experimental testing.

Pursuant to this dear Headmaster Adrew Frezludeen and TEDA International School steering committee, I wish only to humbly teach the grade six fraction of your school, as time may permit,within your founding, ministering, and succeeding command chain integrity, of the delectable and astounding principal that makes itself reminded, with horn and bugle, of the concerted effort and the human sacrifice that initially brought about theUnited NationsDeclaration of Human Rights and the idea of participating territorial expanses (the where component) as related mainly to, delimitated mainly by, recorded material circumstances, the result, the manifestations, the fruit. I wish to teach them how these written rules operate upon human physical existence and teach them bit about its borders.

Parsing information in the sixth grade

Your primary and most urgent requirement is the promotion of education. Do you not find it inconceivable that any state sponsored activity should achieve prosperity and success unless this paramount and basic concern is moved forward? I offer your sixth grade school children support and monitoring to maintain the ability to parseinformation by attributes, expressed successfully for the younger pupils by Rudyard Kipling e.g. : ”I Keep six honest serving-men: (They taught me all I knew) Their names are What and Where and When And How and Why and Who9, expressed for the really young ones in whom empathy has just about emerged from its latency. Here it is expressed with his functional command of my mother tongue, which you in turn quite literally now have received, and for a long time, as I understand, also have had available in audio recording. Tempted to go into analytical detail, to dissect and enumerate the anatomical members that an empowering and upgraded grade six appropriate metaphor may yield, anticipating the symmetry of its sagittal sections, I understand that I may not add anything, I must not take words away. In relation to Mr. Kipling I truly stand at fault. Notwithstanding this unfortunate loss, dear Headmaster Andrew Frezludeen and Teda International School command chain steering committee cross section, and for practicable reasons not being able to, offer either one of you or yours a new and improved integrity instance of a former application; I am offering you an extension to prior offerings and claims, in the lexical and arithmetic realm of evolved K6 accountability for Mr. Kipling very treasured choice. When one truly has a tenet, knowing why one has the tenet, understanding peolpe, anyone of whomone shares the tenet with, and knowing perchance those with whom one does not share it, envisioning collateral accomplishment of this tenet and visually inspecting its temporal emancipation from the merely conceptual if even in embryonic form, prioritization ensuesand it begins to relate prima facie evidence. I offer to safeguard the evolutionof Mr. Kipling’s choice in incremental steps with my matchbox, with my yardstick. I request that you consult that body of prior information as regards the gleanings of my former recipients of such aid, assistance and facilitation.

Sourcing, encoding, decoding and recording information in sixth grade core processes

The scientifically trained young person, may in successful and fulfilled form,be a true index of her kind, may by means of inductive reasoning and research become initiated into that which appertains to the situation of humanity, may become able to study its body politic and gains understanding of how to weave the plaid of moderate civilization, perchance even in a spiral of science, within the macrocosm of our global neighborhood. Short circuiting the natural course of investigation and testing, undermining information integrity and proper record keeping, is known to promote opposing– counterproductive -effects. Findings that cheaters generally have had parents who punished them severely, or not at all, suggest that a moderate degree of discipline (a moderate response) results in children who internalize moral values and are accordingly honest in their school work10. Summarized: Cheats also show bullying by attribute, lying to friends and exhibiting ”negative on job-behavior”11. This source also relates mass rioting of 321000 students when and where measures where taken to prevent ”using unfair means to pass” in an examinationwhich evokes the long-lived question as to weatherthey who have knowledge and they do not have it , must be treated alike, even the fraction that are aggravated be being ”relatively free from any supervision that may police their activities”. I refer to our communication documented in the de facto (but not formally official as yet) documentaion integrity, referencing by audio, a writ/text/application/message apparently received by you, sent and affirmed by me12. The recording took place within the premises of what had the trimmings of a police station on the sixth street in TEDA-TIANJIN (and permission to keep my audio recorder running has been retained in mp3 format). I also refer to my related documentation skills evinced herein. I wish in particularly to emphasize this enduring on-the-fly documentation capacity. I offer to deal with such information integrityin the light of acquiring those cognitive tools, employing the means that operate upon human motivation and so make my contribution to the tenacity, the fervor and the resilience of your work towards preventing perverse incentives both in the sixth grade and outside of it, on your premises. I volunteer for your cohesive and permeating efforts to effectively prohibit cheating and so maintain information integrity.

Mitigation of the lack of proper tools

I offer to aid you in evincing participation in universalistic institutions that transcend classified divisions and prevent symbolization where ”arguments are directed against the man rather than against the evidence”,aid you in your scholastic work for preventing of dehumanization: the viewing and portraying of others as of less than human mental capacity, or as having a kind of disease,. To mitigate or circumvent this by inculcating remembrance of tentative restriction within the macrocosm of UN member states, IATA contractual confluent air space and the area governed by the convention of the high seas as well as the microcosm of, your, TIS organizational command chain. Discourage any Polarization Instilled by Fear So Hate does not go unchallenged, met with impunity, with immunity, perpetrators being they the only ones who get amnesty, others ushered into undesirable places, even forcibly separated from the rest and separated from their own chattels and fiat value bearing notes, as if thee are not coming back to any social contract, or who otherwise, when applying the falsifiability measure of Karl Popper, may be found to be branded or marked as outside of the radius of socialization, outside the range of the socially unbranded, the unmarked. As if they were close to be indefinitely transported away...

I realize that you collectively can speak for very many years of teaching over there at TEDA International School and I should also say many years of recognizing personal character traits in children, teenagers, youth, adults and pensioners. I am counting on your courtesy and general well wishing to not hurt my feelings when I say that If you call me, and I formally invite you to do so, that upon reflection I may bring my documentation skills to you. That is who you and I both wish that I should be at least. You may manage to bring out the best in me, and If you are coaxed to be transported under some duress, perchance or by the stringency of Gods compelling order I may come, document it and photographically register the allegations, or, should they transgress and put you in a vehicle of official purported stature without the corresponding covenant described documentation or with documentation that does not match the compression of airwaves between any encoder and decoder of information, I may just have documented all by the modus operandi or standard procedure of a biological reflex. As we both understand I will not suddenly rise to the colors, accent and cheers of your old chaps, nor will I explode muscles in herculean symmetry by your vanguard at your ramparts. I don't think you expect me to sprout wings. I guess you are not going to want to hear me speculate before the sixth grade pupils, in the moderately old fashioned accent that I intend to keep, if Mr. Karl Popper should plausibly prefer the haversack over a wa'zing m'tilder? But I fully and truly want you to know how very much I naturally hope, since the passing of a time period spanningover a decadefrom my first job interview over the phone with then principle Mr. Andrew Watts, to be able to provide a competitive and rational offer to the maison de pierreyou have with unparalleled skill built and to which I owe very carefully measured and respectful recognition.

With your correct, your due identification of inner gems and very unrestricted promotion in local media as regards emphasis of world citizenship identity and finding latent hidden gems

within the uniqueness, specifics, the specialty, of the offerings of your establishment. I can but offer to participate. It is targeted at the readers conscience, am I right? In a way of rephrasing the attributions of the blind men and the elephant (盲人摸象); If there is something you find that I cannot see, some material evidence, I ask you of it? This is because no mater how much blindness, the story presupposes our anticipation of a reasonable point in the end. What am I missing? What is it that I do not see?

It is still my intention, not having taught at your school and if not invited to do so, to ultimately raise the adequate funds and gather the resources to teach in the interest of your command chain. However, I find at this time, there appear to be some perhaps not earthshaking and by your standards maybe still very small signs of its relationship with the actual and written performance record of some traditional and most simple economic instruments, though available only in jpeg, format and not the main feature of this offering. I cherish the cordial thought of sharing them with you in person some day, for your understanding of them and your wise interpretation and with your pupils in the sixth grade.

Accordingly , I feel deeply, that some of my most effective pedagogical strengths are documented in audio recordings, and their ultimate effects, such the recording of when in TEDA I was told that I may never talk to my mother again without a counter performance of ingesting unspecified psychiatric medication for the necessary time period of my entire life, with reference to a third party for the necessity. The third party denied the claim over the phone while I was still in TIANJIN-TEDA as per audio recording. I did not however meet my mother alive again after this. This is one reason why I feel that your pupils in grade six should learn about theinstitutions of family reunion, both of their use and of their abuse.So I offer documentation based experience from such and have documentation from the vicinity of as well as of the teachers themselves. Some is available at roshansstedainternationalschooljobapplication.com. Both events were captured in recorded audio within the duration of my stay. Is it not actually my fault or more specifically a mental deficit that I suffer from. I am privileged to have an education, true, I have had the benefit of being in the presence of the relevant United Nations official to patiently explain in detail the time and effort it takes to educate and qualify a judge in the mandarin language, true, given my training I should be able to appropriately and correctly approximate a functional breakeven and follow suit, say become a Mandarin speaking judge. Why not, it should be possible and I have a privileged position. No doubt. Such a person with this capacity should exists and why shouldn't I be this person? After all I should not let myself negligently drift into either psychopathy or clinical manifestations; Depression, anxiety, cognitive decay or perhaps a perceptual manifestation. Admonitions of this nature I have audio recorded. No matter how transient its scientifically sustained nomenclature or definition may be, no matter how lacking in longitudinally study such a definition may have been and no matter how how shifting or attribute wise incoherrent, it is freely available, virtually costless. When it becomes the governing principle, the cost becomes exorbitant. Nobody is happier than they deserve to be, barring of course such deficiencies Perhaps even Mr. Karl Popper would smilingly agree.

I want to teach this recorded phenomenology to TEDA International School Sixth Grade school children and with or in the vicinity of, as I take it, also the children of some of your employees because I feel that in the long run they can and should profit from the safety and happiness that it will bring. The relative happiness that stems from the safety and security need, the latent or manifest deficit needs, more specifically its replete fulfillment. I shall exemplify this first to you gain your confidence...

Lets say five healthy and happy native mandarin speaking exchange students and who by the order of character (or emoticon ) as they appear visit the location of the same sequential position given by 克萊斯特徹奇, 洛杉磯, 烏普薩拉, 澳門 and 海口.

They say take me to your 事實上的命令. Encountering someone, they proclaim that their 母親

has her had her 護照 taken from her and it has been hidden. The whole thing just doesn't sound happy. If the prognosticated average of such cases was determined to be 2 -3 million on a very big area comparedto 烏普薩拉, and the counted and numbered cases appeared to be on the order of two-three orders of magnitude lower. We would also have a lot of unhappy de facto uncertainty. And one certainly must not encourage anybody to do anything unhappy. In fact we can stop them from meeting happy people so more people won'tbecome unhappy. True and logical I guess. And I don't want your pupils to be unhappy and you don’t want them to be unhappy? Fair enough. And what do the characters reflect? They are taken to reflect a situation whereand do not necessarily always have the most preferred nation status. and are not so far away from home or family reunion. Its just that in the check and balance some people have figured out, a number have figured out, that there is an issue with the actual check and balance. In fact they feel sure it is so. And they are much more experienced thanand are. Not one of these people can hide this from everybody, especially when their situation is, hm, classified as probably unhappy. Now, this is not going to effect your sixth grade pupils. Lets say you want to make and happy, give them a job anyway or a good position?. But its not good for you pupils to be unhappy or even close by? Maybe you even believed there is a tradeoff? If not every person can identify it, we have a cognitive or perceptive aspect. Apart from that uncertain area of projected unhappinessand worse.

Is there a difference now betweenand practicably exasperating persona or even a persona attributive of a non-happy birthday who could, and say could, be sloppily disguised under the whitish curls of a vegan grazer, a sheep’s clothing. Why do I bother about this? Frankly, its for your sake a bit and for my conscience, and a lot for your sixth grade pupils and very, very much for you command chain integrity. Right now I want to make you happy as best I can. I was not trained as a jester and I wish that you would focus on what I am telling your for the sake of sixth grade pupils, past present and future. and do not compensate or receive compensation. I do not exactly say 事實上的命令on my recordings. The real situation was vastly different. There is the time and effort component which I feel sure that you do not fully recognize. I did not have time to speculate on many specific details on recording when in Tianjin-TEDA, much less listen to most of them. My mother warned me of people in the social proximity of those who carried out some acts mentioned in the audio recordings, and whose voices you have on recording. I was possibly the only rookie, maybe I still am. And I hoped that things would change. Nothing is pulled out of a hat. I have no personal motive to socialize with most of you, but my job application is further in your interest as follows: You have the opportunity to focus on this additional point. I have a set of recordings. It is to a lesser extent a data set. You have mainly heard and seen excerpts. If I do not speak the truth in describing the excerpts they will not fit the context from which they were taken. If you have such complaints, I offer to listen to the recordings again. People make mistakes and rookies probably make more of them. The material is of interest to the public. My father, at least as far as I can remember recognized acquaintanceship with the person whose desk used to make formal approximations of trafficked persons in a number of countries. I have used published data on trafficking as a basis for an oral English exam at 天津理工大学,Tianjin Ligong universityPeople appeared to be able to comprehend it. I believe, as I remember, thatit was audio recorded and handed in for quality purposes. When your mother's passport has been kept hidden by someone while you are talking about it, your eyes become open tonew angles. It is truly a learning experience but I wish that your pupils will profit more from not having this happen to them. I hope they will learn enough to be prepared.I have also taught with a guard posted outside the classroom door at a middle some 400 yards or so north of zhongshanmen light rail station. I expect that I was physically safe. Neither I nor my mother were satisfied with her passport being hidden in celebration of 9/10 of the law. The audio recordings of the existence of a local government apology for this period of my work has yet to result in the paper being physical returned into my possesion, witheld for safekeeping purposes as it was. The audio recordings I retain and I can teach based on this material, as part of my extended offer.

I do not expect to answer questions about motives outside of a court of law, apart from what is explicitly recorded or clear from a combination of recordings. The relationship of the number of observations, the degree to which the conclusion is overdetermined has a relationship with of freedom available to make a conclusions because ”reliability” is lower with less data.(Social) scientists have rules for this, in less exact form used not only in the last century but the one before it. It is part of my offering to you. Your sixth grade pupils will have access upon my employment.I expect that I can fit most of these things in the time period available. I feel very little responsibility for the curriculum which you already have, not said as a profanity, but because of what it correlates with. I had been informed by my mother many years prior to this event, of a positive effect or useful thing from her experiences when starting a school for expat kids but cannot see yet how to fit it into your considerably bigger format yet. I tend more to put people in groups with a leader for sampling and learning, lamentably. She had a command chain inthe classroom based on capacity, for purposes of enhanced real time utility. I have had group leaders in one class both from academia and from the clinical side, sitting there with the people they lead. I have also been extant foreign teacher in the natural environment of group leaders and professors with their subordinates as I recall, but have not created a formal hierarchy in class. If I have time, I will do so.

I anticipate that some of my recording can be used for reform work in different professional fields. It would be significant if you consider other recordings

at roshanstedainternationalschooljobapplication.com, you may get a better picture, because I don't actually have a plan at an individual level yet. Please do not mistake this point, it is neither plea or nor is it offer. I find it to be true and efficient and I offer you nothing else.

I have not received an invitation to get a visa and may consider it a befitting gesture all in your interest If I commenced work on the 10thof December though time is a trifle short. I shall not work at your school after the spring semester under any circumstance and am not sure about the weeks of July. (I find it hard to envision sending more job applications to you school, only to the succeeding command chain integrity comprising your territory.) I expect that it is in your interest to see some success from the points of my offer in such a group of pupils as I have mentioned. As you must see by now, I stand bewilder in a professional sense before your chain of command, as it has been audio recorded. I don't know anything of your curriculum and I expect that outside of what is listed here, I have no responsibility to go beyond it. I learned some of these things on offer at an early age. I expect that we will continue to understand the magnitude of what has happened in different ways. I shall be keeping some internet domain names associated with my job applications for historical reference and for educational purposes among several other reason not disclosed here.

I have a recording of one of your teacher's claims to go to a conference to cover religious studies in my mother's vicinity and I wonder; If you use the many names or virtues of the Divine (7, 10 or even 99 or more depending on creed) or the virtues of the secular and normative as you recognize them, as a data set, as constraints, with the capacity that you have, can you explain what kind of creature this is. Can you explain these audio recorded observations better? Again let me know if I am missing anything that you can feel. Because en lieu of this, I offer to enable this approach, this phenomenon before your sixth grade pupils as well, to bring the question to life at least.

Having recorded on other territory the spread of imputations, the suggestion A) to bring my mother to me13, not actually doing so, B) not intending to get involved in a family conflict by reporting me as having a mental problem14 C) then doing so by inviting a psychiatric emergency unit home and saying that everybody, virtually the whole extended family, felt that I needed professional help15, D) then claiming to have tried to offer me coaching just to enable me to get in contact with my mother16, E) then suggesting, that because, as it was inferred in the recording, people over there were executed as a public entertainment, I should not return and that this itself was one reason necessitating medical treatment or at the very least examination17. F) After this it was suggested that I would be welcome to stay in the flat subject to counter performance before the arrived psychiatric emergency personnel18 and then concluding that I was a free person but nonetheless a doctor should be contacted to see if I should remain that way. All within the labor of the week. (I have evidence that suggests that they did in fact look for me later on.) With all the dialectics of the clash of their own opinions and lack of sustained integrity of proposed and unfulfilled suggestions as regards clear purpose and intent, it still was not a bad idea to leave. Upon completion of transient employment at you school, I expect to be able to impartthe reason to your sixth grade pupils as per my augmented offer. For the seriousness I also refer to previous applications, my website and your prior knowledge. It wasstated during the day that costwas alimitation for me to receive such treatment over near TIS19. Some must be able to picture the usefulness of fiat bearing currency, as you too may understand, that is in any way available to third parties. Viewed in the light of the request to allow myself to physically be transport away to have my brains clinically examined, perhaps chemically probed, vehemently probed in diagnostic medication until something stops those awkward signs following a highly empathetic allegation that I have the the belief that the United States embassy, in Beijing, its Ambassador and its other Envoys, can be entrusted on an individual basis, with one single member of the human race despite perhaps that world citizen identity? The very important stated reason that I should go along to some psychiatric facility as per endnote 21. Should I not seek assistance where it is offered?

If I did not have this in audio recording dear Headmaster Andrew Frezludeen  and TEDAInternational School command chain steering committee cross section, I should be vary careful to say such a thing. I also offer you this audio recording. I fall short of suggesting it to you sixth grade pupils, at least outside of the context available. When anonymized they should gain access to such phenomenology. Then they can put it in world citizenship perspective. I find that the people at that embassy have shown patience and evinced willingness to assist and that know that doubt they have shown some forbearance. I only had a limited subset of information collated at that time. My teachers have put real cases before me. With this expansion of former applications, within the delimitation of justice and unity, I solemnly wish to repay their efforts. Perhapsa few sixth grade pupils may be persuaded to keep their future documentation and we will learn from evidence. What a success that should be! My recordings at this event have shown the involvement of at least one of your employees in this attempted transportation event, ask the person's spouse if this was the first attempt, he works at your school. The physical relator present appears also to require counter performance for making other assistance available as per my audio recording. How should one view any personals rightand any primogeniture rights¤ which you find that my mother may have had? Does this further international trade? I feel problem based learning is pretty useful here as intricate moral dilemmas once were placed before me in sixth grade to understand alternate forms of reasoning. I offer this kind of opportunity to your sixth grade pupils, perhaps with anonymized information.

In a world where travel documents are obtained through misrepresentation or duress (to enable stay 2.3), relating to abuse of legal channels for family reunion, and officials to prevent smuggled migrants from returning to their country of origin; 2.3.1,deception tends to take place in the early stages of the trafficking process as conveyed on page 4 of theAnti-human trafficking manual for criminal justice practitioners Module 4, TIP_module4_Ebook.pdf, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime20, people may also have reporting bias consequential to surface areas in which there is a perceived lack of other than oral law in relevant circumstances, it may be a significant contributing factor. The perception of, the abundance in, territorially available plenary based covenant ratification of signature may well correlate with a challenge the state’s monopoly on the use of compelling obstruction within a specified geographical territory, a plight effecting many a human being. I should like to champion the pupil's sustenanceof empathy through the formative age, in internationally relevant areas such as these, in light ofmy mothers equal rights in principle – in light of aforementioned counter performance required just to let me talk to her, particularly considering her non-native status. I also anticipate being able to collate ideas from pupil perception and personally recorded experience. I should enjoy making available tools to understand current ideas of what is natural and appropriate in relationships between human beings, between these individuals and society with its institutions, tools to avoid mistaking the conceptual to be the manifest, in accordance with the parsimony of your tenets, with your INTENT and feasance, joining your effortsto be paladins giving attention to the preservation of human honor, enforcing and safeguarding rectitude of conduct.

Of course being denied written documentation of the basis of an obstruction itself and its administration to the right bearing entity, by the de facto command as carried out per recording or observation, but perhaps not de jure as per recording; Not per any territorial de jure understanding that they find to apply, carries with it some form of human experience. Can one expect that they enjoy forms of immunity covering the systematic, modus operandi, prior to reaching an organizational acme of knowledge, and prior to reaching a furthermore summit of learning? One may still be the recipient of some form of protection if all is recorded as in 21, (As in my recorded experience that trusting an embassy may be considered a clinical manifestation worthy of extraction as regards the person who is imputed to be the culprit) with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights-specifically its Articles2 & 19:2 and 51 dominion, this covenant actually being for signatory covenanting and subsequent territorial ratification, when one for instance places recorded audio documentation close to such references, a skill I wish to transfer to some extent to the sixth grade pupils by my extended offering for their growthinto an understanding of a premium (bonus, reward) of cooperation as you at TIS may find this to be worth while on the road to that capacity that finds itself competent, that does not decline in the exercise of its rights and prerogatives; preparing them for the possibility of international cooperation in research and higher education.

As regards some less openly admitted recruiting attributed to your school22 whether founded on social round robin recruiting or founded on proxy decision making, I still hope that I am aiming this application at the it at the right organizational level. Short of receiving an answer I expect that I may reconsider. I encountered some uncertainties as regards the role of the steering committee in recruiting23as well. I am also intending to clarify an actual limitation to using rights akin to droit morale - as perpetual, retroactive, inalienable or even imprescriptible should they be asserted for any creative inference and suggested preventive step in aforementioned context, prejudicial to the honor and reputation of the recorded individuals and functions, human rights bearing entities and passers of borders, especially as the modus operandi exercises its effect on society, not leaving any one behind, not negating the regular targets for education which you manifest.

A fiscal question

As I have previously shown you a couple of my latest tax receipts from Tianjin (Guang Dong road office) I now wish to avoid this exact model upon an initial employment at your school. I wish to abandon it in favor of the model mentioned by the commandchain position embodied in its then physical embodiment TIS principal Mr. Andrew Watts and receive the adequate receipts24.

For the the United Nations millennium development goals, the long term ideoligical objectives it claims to seek,for primary education in its current homestretch, for reaching them by the now planned UN Summit for Adoption of Post-2015 Development Agenda, for TIS enabling, succeding command chain capacity that your command chain has had and the capacity that it has duly used including the representative capacity it evinces and the contractual capacity that it embodies, I suggest here, based on my former conduct, to join those teachers whose conduct accords with their professions. As I was not able to answer the phone when you apparently called in 2010, I include one last corroborating audio reference but conclude that this is also prior information that you should already have25. No contact attempts were registered in my email account. I was away to get a stamp in my passport relating to my visa and will show you upon request. I prognosticate that I am able to begin perhaps as early as December 10 of this year 2014 and suggest an open ticket usable as early as Friday the 5th and a formal invitation for said labor.

Most sincerely,

Roshan Golmohammadi, PhD.

Keywords:de facto, de jure, instrument of family reunion, command chain integrity, command chain signatory responsibility, command chain signatory responsibility commensurate with exigencies, principal responsibility/liability, age of legal responsibility, child development, people, human, job application, time notation and duration, audio(video) documented claimed attributes per claimed territorial integrity, dominion, sovereignty and excellence.

MP3 time stamp: local time Tianjin-TEDA



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Travel documents obtained through misrepresentation or duress (to enable stay 2.3) Abuse of legal channels for.... family reunion,

Officials prevent smuggled migrants from returning to their country of origin; 2.3.1


deception tends to take place in the early stages of the trafficking process as conveyed on page 4 of theAnti-human trafficking manual for criminal justice practitioners Module 4



and with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights_Article2 & 19:2


Old tax receipts:






When I talked over the phone from Uppsala(Not far from the baltic sea), with Mr. Andrew Watts in his command chain position as Principal for Teda International School in 2004 and with his physical location being TEDA/TIANJIN during this phone conversation, he warranted that the remuneration paid from Teda International School was quoted as he said it ”net of taxes”. I am informing you that I shall need the proper receipts of employer paid witholding taxes with the attributes for WHOM, HOW MUCH MONEY, WHEN and Where my services are performed, WHAT my services are and by WHOSE authority I perform them. Having taught net of taxes as manifest accountability, in balance sheets and corporate income statements, I performed a search to see what this may look like to the balance sheet naive person, but found no generalizable difference in parsimony. On a later occassion in 2005 when I went to Beijing to meet Mr. Andrew Watts, then still principal of Tianjin-Teda International School for the sole (only) purpose of obtaining consequential clarification on the relationship between the command chain warrant and its physical manifestations, I did not receive such attributive specification.

When in the partial conversationwith 2 - 3 other people i [I] stated that my visit to Beijing was related to tax question to Mr Andrew Watts, he waived his fist at me and appeared distressed, wa(i)ving fist possibly not visibly to the other three. Two of the others appeared to work in the area. Subsequent to this, indue diligence and under duress, I sought identification of the promulgating tax collecting command chain integrity also upon inquiry in Macau. Of course, this was from the perspective of receiving initial quotation far away in another territory.

As I have previously shown you a couple of my latest tax receipts from Tianjin (Guang Dong road Office) I now wish to avoid this exact model upon an initial employment at your school. (My employer then comprised a local hospital/university and journal.) I wish to abandon that in favor of the model Mr. Watts mentioned. On an initial new employment at your schoool, it may be understood to be encouraging what the OECD finds to be ”harmful tax practices”.