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Letter of 27 Februari 2016:

Sending separately to:

National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Sweden for behavior standard (enforcement) and offer to assist with information

American Express Company for a consequential offer to work pursuant to

American Express (Services Europe Ltd) T7134-11 title regarding transfer of fiat (good faith) currency -

TEDA International School 天津泰达国际学校 - Offer to work

Tianjin International School
- Offer to work

Maple Leaf School Tianjin TEDA - Offer to work

International School of Tianjin - Offer to work

American Express Sverige AB - For your information

Lindorff Sverige AB (AmEx Proxy) - For your information

For supporting substantiation and reference material that I offer to relay:

Mr. Olinga Mazlum

Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi

I offer to primarily collaborate, commensurate with my obligations to you,in your endeavors as you find them to be with respect to principles governing the exigencies of the time - According to capacity for consolidated functioning of mutual solidarity, its supremacy, its direct effect, the interchange it should display in accordance withmoral obligations as they may arise. Presently I am contacting you in what I feel is our common interests as well as of increasing public interests and asking, by introducing the background concern to some of you, and against the backdrop of referenced prior knowledge with yet some1, if my by audiovisual means substantiated suggestion for coordination does not touch at the heart of your respective process ownership and the relationships that it begets. In such anticipation, I wish to further express both my subsidiarity and my background information for your high resolve.I am applying for this resolve in what is apparent to have become increasingly unnatural circumstances. I offer to work for you as you request, within my natural capacity.

Firstly I must explain that Mr. Olinga Mazlum can provide and substantiate information, I hope, on the question arising from his attribution of the when and where of the stated demise of my mother Elizabeth Golmohammadi née Bevan, if there has been, with respect to any command chain recognized legal estate, any attempt at execution of a will and testament, within any command chain principal responsibility that you Mr. Olinga Mazlum recognize or if in lieu of any such command chain integrity, her worldly possessions have been disseminated according to any norm that you recognize, within any de facto or de jure principal responsibility of any competent authority you recognize, any territorial command interfacing IATA or UNCLOS regulated area space? If so, he should also be able to vouch for my character a bit. I also appeal to Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi, Mr. Mazlum's wife, for a character reference on the same terms as for Mr. Mazlum, if she is available.

In my due diligencein inquiring about the relationship between any command chain responsibility and my mother- to both of the addresses protocol@chinaembassy.seand January 30, 2014 and January 30, 2015, the first of which contained a request to redeem lent, and for the agreed period, interest free money. The first request was followed up by a second one with an audio recording of as I understand a default to pay me back the money I lent2. The interest free component placed this aside ofregulations foreconomic instruments that I once perused on the territory in question. In this process, one response has been received3. The succeeding commandresponsibility for an issue or the embodiment of a contractual capacity of course may, among other things, be shifted, be found in various organs, forces, parties, organizations, enterprises and institutions of a body politic in different stages of the timeline as can be investigated with respect to disruption by an individual or an organization for upholding the uniformity and dignity of the legal system where such disruption is recognized as prohibited.

I must remind that counter performance in the form of finding myself psychiatric ill AND seeking treatment had been demanded (by Mr. Olinga Mazlum) in order for me to ever talk to my mother again as audio-recorded4, in view of her expressed wish not to be there at all and her request when I was in her presence on the referenced visa/endnote5that I engage myself for this my prima facie, my superlative, obligation. When comparing this to the history of king Henry and the barons, one is lost in amazement. Now I am offering to teach this mainly audio-recorded material for the benefit of the commons and of junior youth development at ages leading to a recognized capacity to follow the law (and to properly be tried as adults if they do not). I fear that the manifest attributes will be decisive over the envisioned concepts and exemplify by reference to the global citizenship education previously advertised by TEDA International School command chain responsibility and others6. I also, of course, am obliged to further offer to work (as in a job) assisting the activities carried out for the use of American Express marks, primarily, near Latitude 39° 08' North - Longitude 117° 12' East7. I further offer my services to the other schools informed within the same territory based on

Audio recording shows that my economic liquidity/status was considered a limitation for effectuating significant long term medication upon me to improve some as per audio recording unclear manifestation/output from the combined performance of cognition and perception as I understand. Such medication is in the long term known to render permanent side effects of a debilitating nature in the brain, a sort of documented motivation to keep my liquidity low8. This is analogous to management reaction averting hostile, unwanted, takeover by another firm as it tends to leave the resulting corporate constellation more cash-strapped. The latter has been taught in the field of corporate finance.

I have placed photographs on the website in evidence of a retrieved report9, parts are blanked out as I feel that they are not conducive to the public interest at this time (relay hearsay and incomplete subsets found to be conflicting by the report itself) and they are not based on any previous official documentation), but I am willing of course to reconsider at the request of the principal responsibility of any command chain integrity comprising the audio recorded attribute set integrity, in all due fairness. I have evidence suggesting a similar treatment of other people as per audio recording obtained on this occasion and I find it unworthy. As regards ICD-10 defining and implementing integrity and similar, it should be contemplated if suchcould have an iatrogenic effect if not on junior youth pupils, customers or loyal members, directly on their reports and files.

I do however accept that advice, in the form of at the very least outwardly tactical points, has been issued to facilitate job applications10. I feel that such stalwart loyalty expressed in the form of sending full official documentation, as requested, should reasonably have a noticeable effect11.

Appealing to the norms of your respective microcosms12, and mores of any subgroups you recognize13, as well as to those of customers and shareholders ( NYSE:AXP ticker ), those you want foryour children, parents and spouses, I ask; Should I not, should anyone not, if I or they be modus operandi (sustained standard) transgressors against the uniting principles of the unifying social contract and overall mutatis mutandis compliance- be punished, perhaps go to prison due to mens rea犯意, due to beingtwo-faced in the eyes of the law, 不是卢山真面目 in more traditional expression? Right should prevent any one of us, lets hope, from further contributing to adeepening moral disorientation that undermines social institutions as well as those fundamental bonds that make uphuman relations14. Rule of law is at times claimed to be important to governance, and at times stated to be its most important function as on November 3, 2015, in Kigali, Rwanda (Interpol General Assembly)15.

The suggestion by Mr. Olinga Mazlum is that I was ill already before I left Uppsala together with  my mother appears flagrant. It suggest that a sign of the imputed mental illness was manifest to to him as the use of a password for my computer. He claims a newer and and very different pretext, premise, intent16and context17in which I and my mother went together to TEDA/Tianjin in 2004 for a year to feel the water. I hope there is some explanation that will surmise to clarify this in a happy way.

In the physical realm, the question of the existenceof physical phenomena can be unclear, the discerning faculty to see the distinguishing attributes remains latent. Distinguishing between cases, say between the "lindomen" case and the lindormen case is all but possible, until in some upfront way, the factor limiting cognition or perception appears manifest, the physical resolution of an apparent dichotomy emerges when finally this virtual paradox is explained in the epiphany of something strikingly simple, such as nearsightedness or even just being hard of hearing.

I invite you to and expect you may, free from the suspicion of secrecy, free from prevarication with respect to the manifest, weighing dispassionately in your minds on the one hand and remaining severed from the stifling of dictatorial assertiveness on the other, attentive to - but not governed by - the general opinion or the mass of your members, suggest a finer balance for further direction and coordination. Undue and sustained discrimination on the timeline against the actual capacity of people felt to be handicapped, particularly for something that won't change if one is changed18(换一个) has in accordance with international covenanting been agreed upon. Most kindly I request that you convey, both on the international stage and unstaged as you may be inclined, any substantive merits in my offer that you may find to your respective command chain interface. I have recently read that countries 'fierce competition can erase the line between public and private ownership and so expect your collaborative spirit inforeseeing and mitigating chilling effectson timely statecraft as they effect the collateral balance19.

Thank you, thank you for your firmness in principle, for your ambassadorship of knowing something by the distinguishing attributes it manifests, for being emissaries in deed for seeing things through your own eyes and not through the eyes of others, consul-generals who by subsidiarity are charged with the affairs of the preservation of the vast integrity of your testimonial capacities within the underwriting capacities invested in the scopes of your respective missions, of your exclusive jurisdictions and of your businesses, for your loyalty, for your service and for your perseverance!

Sincerely awaiting your moderate response,

Roshan Golmohammadi, PhD

February 27, 2015

Phone +46 760994104 turnaround time)


Against the backdrop of the data set that I have onlineI kindly ask you; How exactly I can be more FRIENDLY and evince more SOLIDARITY, so as to contribute the spirit of UNITY.Have I missed the command chain issued grounds and preponderance such that offset my mother's expressed will and all primogeniture supporting her will as you perceive it? Please let me know.

Explain to me If you think in this line of attempted due diligence, I'm making of myself a prisoner #416 to the actual detriment of others rights or if I am holding anyone captive by inducing some kind of stockholm syndrome so to speak, for in the context of invoking or betting on one international covenant or another, one may hear that the process for which it was intended has been hijacked....

If you find my geographical limitations in applying for jobs too limiting, based on this endnote20, please let me know this too. and separate "unlimited" bandwidth has been procured for the unlikely event that bandwidth or localization issues should arise. I can turn it on if you cannot reach the dot-com address. I encourage you all to follow up and ensure full delivery.



1Especially made available to TEDA International School officers in letter of Saturday 4, September 2010.

2Letters available at

3 Similar to:

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Counter-performance in the form of asking for and taking medication is required in order to talk to my mother as in

Counter-performance is requested again in Uppsala on Stigbergsvägen 11 for the opportunity to reach my mother.


Rights of a non-partisan political nature which if it was not for the actual audio recording might seem incredulous. The statement that the belief that the US state department actually cares about individual Americans is a clear pathological symptom motivating immediate medical intervention as in audio recording:



This is in the presence of command chain medical personnel. Is this pathological then? I find that to be wrong and do not feel that individuals should be pursued against the backdrop of such. In the absence of proof, I feel such contempt is ludicrous though I also feel that actual recordings simplify explaining my position tremendously. Do you wish to deprive your sixth-grade pupils of the opportunity to receive more of the context, the backdrop and the pretext for continued sustained action? Should they not understand it to deal with their school's legacy, modus operandi and that of its officers before they are expected to deal with the rest of the community?

THE RELIGIOUS RIGHTS ASPECT A sickness symptom Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi (Married to Mr. Olinga Mazlum) stated that she observed in me. Praying is in the religio or unity area normally considered religious. Praying with one's mother behind closed door when no one else is in the room -under the described and audio recorded circumstances, is this not covered by religious right, by law, within its supremacy and direct effect, within the sustenance of the borders of its territorial integrity, within the sustenance of its temporal sovereignty or within sustenance of the trustworthiness of its testimonial integrity before its territorial insignia? Isn't it to be offered within its courtesy? Is it not to be offered within the time averaged standard procedures in its understanding of hospitality? Is it really to be taken as the absence, pathological imbalance or apparent lack in manifesting healthy capacity? Is this really an unhealthy drawback, an obstruction in the fiber connecting the human element in society? Is this really what one should expect the governing principles for future generations to converge towards? Is this praying together in private, whether physically present or on the telephone, a detriment to the comprehensive safety/security that healthy inherent human dignity may avail? My above offer to work, however steeped in idle fancy that it may be, still stands firm either way you find it. Will your sixth-grade pupils get the opportunity to realize this opportunity?

THE LEGAL ENFORCEMENT ASPECT (民告官 -: and similar, is such now a disease as early as at the earliest line of thought? Another symptom apparently taken for pathological evidence anyway)

Where does the legal aspect become an emotional pathology? Here for instance? Mr. Olinga Mazlum has his say anyway: .


Intending to instigate a medical record of psychiatric nature based on this ludicrous mental and emotional description of a teacher and amanuensis of/at three distinguished universities comprising according to some, one research wise ranking in the top 100 of the world. These audio recorded manifested imputations show, or should I say emotionally feel that they show that this attribution and its integrity significantly have exacerbated this situation and offer my audio recordings here for evidence-based policy research methods and evidence for others including, most urgently, your pupils.

Some no doubt would be to have further clarified on tape, here exemplified by

WithMotherButNotDueLackingAttentiveness.mp3 .

The functions identified would also benefit from elucidation as this one in which Olinga finds me to see ghosts: .


Her wish to change her circumstances as in asking me if I would leave with her for Sweden

Shows a different picture. She offers exemplification of her situation and wish to leave even if by herself

Sometimes it is hard to communicate with Mr. Olinga Mazlum and Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi, the hiders and withholders of my mother's travel documents as evinced in

in its tragic relationship to this generic (communicative) inaccessibility of my mother's travel documents - particularly so when told within the travel document withholding proxy commitment that my mother cries every day as in -

apparently also in precarious circumstances as I understand to be described in . The apparent dichotomy is engrossed when examining other material of this date, available at my present website showing that I am subjected to a confusing and insisting request to write a statement that I feel OK by the apparent proxies of the testimonial capacities of Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi and Mrs. Olinga Mazlum at the very least.

Could it be that this intellectually challenging gauntlet, this reserved mind currency, is not in every bit and byte of its mode d'emploi irrevocably drawn and flung to the dirt from a position without written history, is not without prior knowledge, is not out of the reach of synthesis from the comparative dialects of public discourse, not thrown down as much by the perceived integrity of captain Cook's cook as by the perceived integrity of captain Hook's hook? Please help me see how, not charging windmills armed with cardigan or raglan as be my limited capacity, I should with this unenlightened and most low rung of epistolary marksmanship, interface better for increased amiable collaboration without contributing interchange to, "without feeding into", any succeeding organized command chain culture of fear passing over to our future generations.


We are here from ~psychiatry:

arriving at Stigbergsvägen 11, Uppsala because your sister has called:

(I am in the course of this also duly informed that my cousins telephone call is yet one reason that they appeared.

I relay that my perception has been put in question and that I have this on audio:


I conclude that it is Friday evening:

at around one hour and three minutes into the actual audio recording. The recorder is still running local time TIANJIN hence the date.

They ask how I feel then and I respond roughly as - Det är fredag kväll. Du vet ungefär vad som kommer så "bandspelaren" är på. Hur skulle du må? Roughly: It is Friday evening. You now about what is coming so you have your "tape recorder" on. How would you feel?

(00.49.30I also relay that there is an audio recording where my sister describes to my mother how someone in their/our social circle receives electric shock therapy, the audio here is available at the present website with the recipient's name omitted.)

My sister has tried to deliver me for five years into treatment is recognized at about, and documentation is of such activity is recognized to exist at1:16:57 din syster har försökt, det finns dokumentation på det 1:16:57 din syster har försökt i fem år, det finns dokumentation på det:


At bout 01:24 kind of -come with us to the doctor even though you are not questioning your own mental capacity, people go to the doctor for many different reasons-I feel there is an important lesson in this statement- within the command chain they may say that even though YOU, ONE does not feel ill, you-one ought to go with them for the de facto command that they are recognizing. The ad hoc balance in this merits reflection. I say, examine from the audio recordings, They say you think you are OK but you are not feeling well, you're lucky because your relatives know this:


I also offer to mail them audio but they decline. You have an emotional or feeling problem that you are not aware of but they know how you feel. This one I expect is going to be important. (As I child I heard once or twice of plants communicating how they felt).

They find me now to be suspicious of what is going on:

1:35 about- så du är misstänksam. So, you are suspicious. You walk the streets, go to the library, go to the police station, live in dorms and hotels, camp, go to religious meetings, go to someone else's church, arrive in another country though not in handcuffs or a straightjacket, but you should need psychiatric help before you are allowed to walk with or even talk alone with your mother on the phone? Particularly when she has said she wants out. Convicted murderers, child molesters, arsonist have had some kind of right to meet their mothers, and close family members. Felons have had the right to establish new relationships with persons outside of their current prison and even marry them. One former Guantanamo detainee around my mother's age was even permitted to leave for home I understand, after his expert testimony was recently used to acquit another much younger Guantanamo detainee due to the younger ones stated insincerity within some formerly organized activity. Perhaps severe, grave, dangerous insubordination could have left a legionnaire in a pit for even more than 8 days on some occasion, but my mother wasn't in Guantanamo. She wasn't in the amazon. My mother did what? Did she ever have any idea of the bonds that distinguish a stable society, keep it together? Could such consideration ever have shaped her character? Could this have been fun for her? Would you be happier I if said that I was not suspicious, you know, only slightly curious? I mean, to be mentally ready for a job….Find another way to get a place to live hm..

But then again, would it make a difference? My perception was that most mothers actually want to talk to their children at times. It still is. I detest the thought of inhibiting such a mental state, perception, cognition, feeling, functioning or even idea with medication or other psychiatric treatment in, on or through me or her, but the important question should be, can we, is there a remote possibility that we actually can show the problem base for this to those sixth-grade classes for learning? You may be in a situation in which you are legally free to talk to everyone but your mother and you have her voice on audio tape saying she wants out. My mother taught me of a situation she had been in, where a religion (one form of belief system) was considered to be illegal until it was practiced by at least 50 people. Two people with the same thought have here been separated due dispossession of travel documents. The documents hidden from them against their instructions. In some way, thanks to technology, nowadays other people can partake of what happened at a later time. We should use this. This is a bigger group of people dear sixth-grade pupils, the estimate by different bodies may vary, there may be several orders of magnitude between what is predicted by an administrative body at a very high hierarchical level (ICMPD-Ms. Gradin's desk) and what is actually measured, documented and resolved in the local municipality. If you want to share your audio with us, we would be glad to have it and use it for your benefit and for the benefit of others! How does that sound?

1:38:rnd - But they say sometimes you need to eat your medicine (ibland behöver man äta medicin):

With the professional capacity referenced, my Cousin found that this kind of situational judgment making would be within (the judgment calls) of his work as I understand and at

1:50:30 Mr. Aram Afsahi says I would need work rehab with some form of psychiatric treatment. ([Inom sin professionella kapacitet] , [skulle behöva en arbetsrehabilitering med någon form av psykiatrisk vård]):


1:54:00 rnd damen: Du ser ju inte det här som dom andra ser det. Lady -You don't see this as the others see it - They say others see how I feel and I don't but this is not a difference in perception? (Towards the end of this session you will be able to hear how they are represented as not wanting treatment for me due to difference in perception, only for how they claim to know how I feel. I am claimed to not know this by the lady present).

But are they not asking for clashes in perception now are they. I supposedly do not know how I feel. Where is this odd discrepancy located? With me? Where does this faulty process take place? For lack of a functional MRI map to this faculty, can one find it with a diagnostic lobotomy, chemical or not? Hit me just behind my ear in the functional dementia praecox region, or if should be so lucky, on my mental funny bone -the center for gerotranscendence instead, if not in fact lucky at all, on trajectory to a lexically dark, more socially averse gray gloomy part outside of all socialization radii, more related to the paraphrenia centroid? Would small latin tourettes then be gently and in satin trickles welling forth from my mouth if I had not been so able to object earlier? Our young future taxpayers should beware. A little bit of a caveat here, if two things said by the de facto command chain integrity seem to be mutually exclusive, well one of them might, could, should be right, right? The governing principles (for inclusiveness) prevailed? But the recording suggested professional, skilled practitioner standard behaviors- that's modus operandi and method of implementation let's hope, but also still a counter performance demand in order to talk to one's mother affront this psychiatric command chain professionalism as it has been embodied. In part, that is semantically the other ones they tried it on. I'm a professional and I have psychiatric capacity, if you are a blind man writhing on the sidewalk and you ask for this capacity, I shall help you across the street. No? Well, you are outside of the scope of our mission and we are not connected to any other administrative body, any command chain that comprises anything else. How do you explain what your mother said to you and why they have to let you talk to everybody except your mother outside of this, without using recordings? Can this move you outside of socialization radii? We should, of course, give these integrities the benefit of the doubt. They did not want to get into the reward and punishment regions of your brain. They do not wish to sedate any healthy natural impulse supporting the bonds and fibers of our global neighbourhood. They do not and did not want to represent you by legal proxy overriding your choice, because it does not constitute any embarrassment that you want to talk to your mother, but may not do so, no obligatory ombudsmanship in the hierarchy of appeals. No fear to congregate or associate around the audio recorded fact itself and its premise or context, no fear to mention this state in general as individuals with an individual understanding because in fact they are so professional. They do not want to bring their work home to their spouses or friends, not bring this state of the art knowledge and a skill of their trade there. Common prior assumption may be useful in conflict areas however I was astounded by the following prerogative and wish to share it with sixth-grade pupils.

AndMayHaveCaused_Absolut.mp3 (Aram Afsahi orolig för hur stressen kommer att påverka dig under natten, den som uppkommit på grund av av deras hembesök .)

They were anticipating command chain iatrogenic effect requiring treatment, or should I say near nosocomial in the presence of such a plethora of psychiatry-related professional competence. I feel that six grade pupils must understand the tradeoffs from actual data. The concordance, the brother- and sisterhood, the extended family of the Hippocratic oath, wishes to treat you in your head and in advance for future symptoms that they anticipate having caused, and insist that you should go away with them. What would stop the behavior from manifesting again? Couldn't this extravagant effort be spent and machinery used, on heart transplants, dialysis of hitherto end-stage cancer patients, family consulting, child care and perhaps even junior youth health and counseling, not on that etiological agency?

2:12:27 around - I tell them that Mr. Aram Afsahi has heard recordings mentioning 44 and an apology from TEDA's local government. (Så han har lyssnat på banden, han har hört 44, hört att det nämns en ursäkt fr. TEDAs lokalregering:

Then perhaps in the testimonial capacity dimension there could be a difference

2:20:35 Lady - We are not recording anything, Damen - Vi spelar inte in:

At roughly


In a situation where my (only) sister's telephone call is stated to be why they are there (together with the request of my cousin Mr. Aram Afsahi-present), the fact that I refer to previous time is stated to be symptomatic. If you even address the temporal component on par with the reported supporting interest, the time component is stated to be a symptom of something. I feel loathed now to personally offer competing services here and can just imagine what symptom that would be construed as. I only offer my recordings. sixth-grade pupils must not be afraid to use who, what, where, when, why and how. This is essential to their development. It is useful when writing. It is also essential for them to defend their integrity. It is essential for them to freely express their will. When people say this kind of thing, then, by then, you should be aware or you are really in for it. The first ten will be hard dear sixth-grade pupils. If you have your audio recorder hidden, the social dynamics changes too. You may not have criminal intent. You may not provoke criminal intent. The mens rea issue should stand up in court or in public. Your recording is "supinable". If you frighten them and cheat or stress them into demonstrating fear of mentioning people or personal pronouns on your audio recorders, be prepared to spend time in prison.



we hear a dichotomy again,

Aram: One cannot have a rational conversation with you Roshan. Nobody is saying that you are mentally ill but there are symptoms that make us worried. Roshan: Is that so? Lady: yes.

(Aram: Man kan inte föra ett rationellt samtal med dig Roshan. Det är ingen som säger att du är mentalt sjuk men det finns symptom som gör oss oroliga. Roshan: Är det så? Damen: ja!)

Feel this becomes clearer when you actually listen to the recording... Sick but not. Symptoms of a healthy state…?No body is saying what? If you fail to recognize it as having information integrity hurray? But the counter-performance demand to talk to your mother abracadabra, no there is no abracadabra. Your mother cries every day hm…If they only would accept your audio recorded explanations… Dear sixth-grade pupils, if you have kids, will they in turn need to know about this kind of thing? I mean actual audio with text. Your grandchildren?

2:24:00 Approx.~Another symptom is stated to be my reporting audio recorded discrepancies to the police as in - one of the more remarkable command chain interpretations.

In the light of working in the Tianjin region its is stated that there if I cannot afford treatment

may prison become the alternative.

There is apparently significant difference in the methodology as recorded in Roughly: We are-do not audio record

With a significant amount already recorded my questions of what symptoms are to be seen, I clearly recognize myself to be feeling well under the circumstance: but they say they need to talk to a doctor for permission to pursue this further, to pick me up against my will, I am not off the hook:

The record shows that they pursued me after this event, but strangely they did not want my phone number, only my cousins.

If you feel that it Is reasonable to perceive I am insensitive or impassive to the needs and feelings of these relatives as was stated and that this should be particularly framed, I must point out that some lack of understanding, this deniability of plausible understanding, was immediately related the declination to listen to the audio recordings as I had promptly offered them. Would Emil Kraepelin knowing this, ever have dared to leave for Dorpat (the Tartu of today) to try to bring scientific methodology into the field of psychiatry and expect to get away with it? Would a newer rendition of the formal investigation "Psykiatriutredning" numerically and necessarily disqualify an even bigger number from the mental wards, with a different societal opportunity space than then given Mr. Bo Holmberg and others to perhaps release them into, include them in, at least statistically surveyed frictional unemployment? Let's find out. Shouldn't our hearts under any circumstance go out to those former sixth-grade pupils who were not using audio recorders? Let's not deprive the next batch, the next yearlings, of such audio recordings! May my services so actually be at your disposal.

Again, from audio recording, on my website, you can also hear how they try to coax me to claim in writing that I am feeling Ok, by proxies of My sister Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi and brother-in-law Mr. Olinga Mazlum (and in intent conceivably also others) who will not let me freely talk to my mother or meet her. She, in turn, is stated to cry every day and the same issue of attribution and attribute based testimonial capacity arises. On another level, and on the one hand, thoughts as pursuant to this rationalized to be worthy, legitimate cause like "I or we mean well" and on the other hand "I am engaged in actions that overtly imply the utter lack of information integrity as regards my utterances." Hence, the fault must lie with the "other" and all actions and utterances, regardless of the degree to which integrity is in lack or the  harm rendered, such as stress, become the "other's" fault or a mode d'emploi (clinically) motivated due residual. Let's hope on the latter level this was not what happened.

Still, sixth-grade pupils deserve to hear such things first hand with a written translation and compare it to international covenants and doctrine. The isue of course are the manifestations themselves and their relationship to what is left in the form of a psychiatric journal.

7 In some accordance with the "Madrid Agreement-Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks"

and the "Madrid Protocol- Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks" for your maintained: Conditions of Registration

and Independence of Protection of Same Mark in Different Countries for any of your figurative elements that may be covered by the "Vienna Agreement Establishing an International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks" as well as for the protection of property that you may have that is covered by the "Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property" articles 6 - 9 and Article 19 and similar. I further point out that I should not be unduly discriminated against in accordance with ILO Convention 111 on ratifying or acceding entity territories as you may have the capacity to identify them.

In practical terms as in

permission to research different demographic subsets and their ability to unequivocally identify a mark may well lie outside of the exceptions negotiated with the WTO until perchance a more unified, attribute wise more generalized regulation comes into use which comprises this. Perhaps sixth-grade pupils should benefit more immediately from my services. On or around July 4, 2015, allowing for imprecisions due to timezone setting, someone mentioned something new audibly in my vicinity, probably not directed to me, a new expression that I had never heard before. Meatballs in your face, "köttbullar i ansiktet". Knowing how common this is, a simple thing that unites people, - we are all grateful for and proud of our meatballs - if ...I have been a wet sock yet one time when it comes to approaching these unifying ideas, mothers, meatballs, and value of marks, again, please tell me how you feel because of course I understand that I ultimately am not the principal judge of this in this our global neighbourhood, in this our global commons.

9 CESÅ documentation unit - Uppsala

An audio recording excerpt identifies the unit

and another one confirms that there was no psychiatric journal entry prior to December 17, 2012


I recognize of course such encouragement to send my resume as in

with tactical/operational considerations as in


and further within

based on such understanding gleaned from Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi's prior experience as

(Swedish) Haleh säger skriv två stycken Cvn)

Haleh says write two CVs

in such environment as described in

with the position on confidentiality as in

though intent may be further clarified in the future

(for formal completeness demonstrating closeness in time of statements



As you have been represented as physical embodiments of contractual capacity with capacity to warrant contractual intent I ask that you in accordance with your previous statements of receiving an apology by email from the local government related to my job 2004-2005 which you have printed out and shown me but retained for, as you have said, safekeeping referenced in among other things this audio recording

I remind you of your former position that I could not be trusted with documents and ask kindly once again that you forward it, (the printout as a photo) by email directly: Http://

Further to this topic, I kindly request full official documentation of, in accordance with the attribution that you have issued, in accordance with any signatory command chain capacity of the time period that you recognized and in accordance with and obedience to any (supreme and) succeeding territorial command chain integrity for behavior that you now recognize, why the need or requirement to have medication in order to be permitted to talk to my mother (1) to meet her (2) or for preventing me to take her where she asked to go to live (3).

I further request mother's Will/Testament- a digital copy, as I have previously seen a such a physical copy.

Further such chattels as remained with her that constituted documentation of my previous work and education. I understand that you have had different opinions of such latent value based on your understanding that they did not have teaching certificates in say Italy as audio recorded

and that you yourself have the equivalent of a masters degree from Franz Liszt Academy (Budapest)

so wish to emphasize in the most direct terms, and I hope you understand, I put in time, effort and spent money that I am accountable for, so I reckon that I ought to get the documents back as they were with my mother. I completed many courses fully and am accountable in most public ways for such an endeavor, I wish to have the certificates and degrees (and similar papers too) from my mother's place returned.

You have in the past recognized: , you should be able to recognise my rights to my papers as inherently contributory to the above.

Most importantly, I request, at the very least at this time a scan or digital picture of official documentation of the cause of death in my mother Elizabeth (née Bevan) Golmohammadi's demise that you have stated the occurrence of. Official documentation that is, according to the succeeding de facto command chain integrity as you recognize it in an obedient way and irrespective of what language it is in or how aggregated the information is.


I prepared information on CD-ROM in two copies for the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Uppsala as photographed

and sent one copy by surface mail to the address given at that time by the online (internet) director as per picture

apparently still Stigbergsvägen 11, 75242 Uppsala.

A copy of the receipt for registered mail is available as

I also delivered one copy to the physical and personal mailbox of the Secretary of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Uppsala the day before September 9, 2012. As this mailbox appeared not to carry any name at the time, I managed to get confirmation on audio from an apparent neighbor as evinced in (-Stämmer det att den är Mattssons? -Ja)

with the following cover letter .

The CD was sent with the following cover letter in picture LSA*

and as I understand sent from Svava mall in Uppsala presumably as audio-recorded as follows

These events preceded news suggesting my mother's demise. I also understand that the exceptions to the laws in force do not comprise primogeniture as in for instance . Have I misunderstood this in attribute set integrity terms?


That is in nonarbitrary adherence to law (and perhaps available time tested legal precedent) enforced through social institutions that govern behavior with their parsimonious or non-falsifiable jurisprudence, by punishing evil and rewarding good, for the benefit of society and for any religious understanding that God will not punish my soul twice for the same offense/misprision, or anyone else's, that veils may fall from the eyes, that Equity not groan beneath that yoke of oppression? How should you feel if I or anyone else buy or barter out the truth in one place so as to sell it out in another and exploit notions of cultural relativism to justify the immoral acts? If you sense any need for intervention by a more central power, this would also be useful information. Having experienced

and as I much like the sound of the spirit vouchsafed and understand from the situation that this for some of us can be achieved by a gradual process by direct interaction or PROXIES with signatory and orally binding contractual capacity. Understanding that some feel they have all the keys as in

or that someone should be publicly punished as in .

The understanding that a few people claim to practice law in Beijing as in

and in

as well as the fact that the issue of moral compass and its implicit existence has been raised in my presence, I ask you kindly to reflect on the following: I had the privilege to hear the then first United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson answer a question as I remember in the main hall at Uppsala University with an exemplification of how long it takes to educate a person to finally become a judge and I wonder; Do you find this to be operating on my conscience in some odd or irregular way? Is there a sign here of some erroneous behavior? Should anyone be punished publicly? Was my mother at fault for the strategic stability? Am I responsible for it? Is this a cordial but silent way of saying that she and I have been at fault for the strategic stability too? Rhet.


In this environment, however playful it might seem, as

and the somewhat suggestive and accusing interpretation that I diverted money earmarked for a Schiller "Fred Easyport" AED/heart starting defibrillator as in


It was brought to Mr. Olinga Mazlum's attention that I believe in primogeniture according to recording

while the stated requisite variety of limitations were imposed as in due to lack of access to my mother's travel documents.


(III), Exemplified by US Attorney General in address to INTERPOL General Assembly, Tuesday, November 3, 2015 in KIGALI, Rwanda.

Such territorial/treaty-testimonial integrity and capacity such as is not status-wise less than that described in the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, which itself comprises recognition of the right of all nation states to have treaty/contractual capacity as I understand, so that persons (your children, your parents, your spouse, your business partner) with physical (hard) evidence of ….any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted ….for such purposes as obtaining...information or, confession, ...punishing ... for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted... (~even with the mere )acquiescence of a public written into law

are not rendering persons, expecting such, asking for such, requesting such, practicably persona non grata, imputing them to be intellectually handicapped, depersonifying them, dehumanizing them or even objectifying their cases with respect to any otherwise claimed embodiment of due diligence and territorial capacity as pertains to the treatment of humans - others' mothers - my mother. Do you think sixth-grade pupils can read beyond the Flesh-Kinkaid (grade/ease) readability scores in such matters? Matters of not being permitted to see one's own mother? Can they record and write then? Can they add observations (red ones) and divide them by the number of attributes of their understanding (blue ones) to arrive at an observation attribute to conclusion attribute ratio (green)? Let me be of assistance! Let me teach them the simple stuff at least, like parsimony, perhaps even to consult on falsifiability between themselves. Let me help them!! Let me help them write "modus operandi", "standard operating procedure" or only "standard procedure" if time is short.

17When someone's integrity is only recognized for paying and not for receiving, this becomes controverted over time. When one's integrity is recognized only for the obligation part of a contract and not for rights that one has not forsworn, this is exacerbating as you may recognize the inherent dignity of an individual to have bearing on comprehensive security and assurance.


An audio recording of my description of a spectrum of likeness between student submitted material and what was available on the internet prior to that.

so as to minimize repeated betting against the commons and the inherent dignity of the students that did not cheat and the safety and comprehensive security of their rightful positions. The succeding command chain integrity with flag, emblem, territorial insignia and all, I perceive, must ultimately remain the responsible party for the actual legal aspects of it but feel that I should be credited for this affront any mutatis mutandis applicable governing principles and standard operating procedures for further local employment, particarly since the paper documentation has todate not been returned into my possession.


Akin to something that happened to a Mr. Roger Akelius as I remember. If this denial is considered to be a production factor, an instrument of justice in this age of nation state interdependence, a standard operating procedure for stability, contemplate it in the light of your favorite equilibrium theory, say from the Heckscher-Ohlin idea, over the idea that "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" attributed to Martin Luther King, to more modern supply and potential/latent demand ideas as you may find them to the point.


I feel my offer to work needs some geographical delimitations. I wish to exemplify as follows: The Teda International School name space, as it would be protected from name squatting before the regulations of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and also has been used for TEDA International School job/work visas and related residence visas or immigration visas and dependent visas near Latitude 39° 08' North - Longitude 117° 12' East, corresponding to a geographical place which I wish to reach by email, pitching, dropkicking or catapulting this here job application. I want to do this in accordance with ILO (International Labour Organization) convention 111 (C111) as this may literally be formulated as a "push factor". I don't know If every skilled professional or the late First Lady Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt herself had she been here, would take for granted that its governing principles were inherently set up to govern. The Tianjin area is for example far away from the L3R5M7 Teda, Markham, Ontario location previously given for in that ICANN conditions compliance capacity manifested outwardly. It is far away from the 4577 postbox given. The phone and fax numbers 866-434-0212 and 866-434-0211 don't ring a bell and can't serve a proper factsheet in regards to where I've been or where my mother has been. The 4577 postbox location, however orderly it was used to manage TEDA International School namespace under the protection of Mr. Daniel Kleeman/Klemann, The Internet Registry of Canada, The Domain Registry Of America, Domain Hosting Of America, Mr. Peter Kuryliw, Mr. Larry Coker, Mr. James Tetaka, Mr. David Burroughs, Mr. Alvin Chen or Mr. Simon Benlolo, God bless them all, is not where I have been. They are not the people I have met. It's not where I previously have been. It is not where I want to go. My information for job applications, with audio recordings, video and all, showing experience from the TEDA/Tianjin area (with my mother, have passed through the namespace they warranted so to speak. The TEDA International School namespace for visa substantiation and related exigency determination, pretext, premise and contractual capacity, was also the intended recipient.

The Markham Ontario location that provided the address given along with Former Teda International School Principal and Headmaster Mr. Joseph Azmeh's name for former "private" ownership/possession of or such, if I really have got the proper name here, namejuice, directed by Ms. Marilyn Benlolo or operated by Mr. Darius Patel, well; this is also a place I have not been and do not, at least at this time, intend to go. Not receiving a clear receipt for my application comprising above experience, well, my TEDA International school job applications have been there too, to yocka...within their warrant that is.

The source

as mentions Both Gu Yu and Joseph Azmeh

with the telephone number I understand, being the same as was used for the Internet Registry of Canada, The Domain Registry of America, Domain Hosting of America and Mr. Simon Benlolo - their 4577 PO Box which was the same as Principal Azmeh's PO BOX 4577 capacity that this appears to bear witness of. recently showed the registrant organization to be TEDA International School (Registrant Name: Gu Yu). The school that I have visited was last located at No. 72, Third Ave Tianjin TEDA 300457. 天津泰达国际学校 identifies it as TEDA Tianjin (not Markham, Ontario):

Its former location has been on No9 Xiao Yuan street, marginally outside of the range of quick stroll, where, if I am not mistaken, my mother and I spent 2-3 nights in 2001.

ICANN contract attribute identification (and access thereto) and the work visa substantiation and residential visa processing under the namespace of the registered name, in TIANJIN/TEDA (天津/泰达).

The public park and garden area between the third avenue and fourth avenue is exactly where I have waited to meet my mother and talk with her about meeting her again, while, however belatedly, trying as tacitly as possible to film the bruises on her arms. One product of this is the file the physical manifestations of close family ties were actually recorded not very close to any Teda, Markham, Ontario to my knowledge.

It is the school which according to

(apparently from Bibliotheca Alexandrina, مكتبة الإسكندرية Maktabat al-Iskandarīyah and may be offline at times) has had the following tenets or "pull factors":

"TEDA International School endorses the principle that a good education is a means of realizing individual potential, of succeeding in the modern world, and of transforming society.

Our students are mines rich in gems of inestimable value.

We believe that education alone enables the individual to manifest his or her innate treasures, and allows mankind to benefit therefrom.

We embrace the concept that all people are worthy and deserving of respect, regardless of national origin, socioeconomic status, or ethnicity.

We encourage children to achieve a sense of self-worth and fulfillment by becoming interconnected, capable, and contributing members of society.

TIS students receive the best available practical and moral education."

I promise to try and keep an open mind with respect to learning information integrity that you evince, even though it feels as if I may not clearly reach such a degree of perfection so as to, in a classroom full of sixth-graders in your location, be able to comply with the last tenet, If I so should be given a million years in which to do so. I still thank you none the less for exercising your right and responsibility of review in your location and for permitting me to formally apply, from my limited station and with my limited scope and capacity, in our converging development and interchange of ideas and products from the Confucian rendering of the Golden Rule via the first lightbulb in the Astor Hotel-利顺德大饭店 to the trajectory of the international school. says updated 2013

This may be understood in the light of a statement by Mrs. Haleh Golmohammadi that both Principal/Headmaster Mr. Joseph (Azmeh), and Principal/Headmaster Mr. Andrew (Watts) before him, had been buffers:



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Dear Roshan,

I hope you are doing fine .
On March 22nd around 6 pm, Mama (Libby) entered the Abha Kingdom.
She is surrounded by the love of all the friends in China and abroad.
The funeral will be held, in Uppsala, at St: Eriks kapellet at Berthåga on Friday April 5th at 12:00 (noon) and the lunch will served at Hotell Viktoria, where the last winter-school was held, at around 2pm. Hope to see you there.

Much love,



All according to the below phone audio recordings and email records.


for its perduration in relation to
ILO C111 signatory namespace
territorial ratification compliance

pursuant to 


2 (of 4) Email receipts:

2014Dec5__8_00_48AM_LocalTimeUppsala.pdf 1(2)  The second sent from a different address, having contents as letter below:

2014Dec5__4_59_33AM_LocalTimeUppsala.pdf  1(2) The second sent from a different address, having contents as letter below:

2014 December 4, Letter to Mohamad Hassan and Ulrik Wärnsberg        Attachment 2014 December 4 referencing occasion in 2013 : HassanWarnsbergDeVerdierNov12_2013.jpg
Receipt of delivery: 2014Dec4WarnsbergReceipt.jpg

A little clarification for the secular situation having large portions of the population not experientially enrolled in the primogeniture system while social and legal institutions of the time period considered -prima facie- worth preserving may have nominally included both institutions for family reunion as well as extension of fideicomisses based on primogeniture, with practical action occasionally contravening long term stated intent.

Ett ltet förtydligande för den sekulära situationen med en stor del av populationen som inte erfarenhetsmässigt införlivats i primogenitursystemet medan sociala och rättsliga institutioner-strukturer som man för tidsperioden funnit mest värda/nödvändiga att bevara kan ha nominellt innefattat både institutioner för familjeåterförening och förlängning av fideikomisser-fideikomissegendom baserad på promigenitur, med pratiskt agrerande ibland i motsättnuing till uttalad långsiktig målsättning.